Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer is Here!

Yes it has finally happened... Summer has hit London. It started on Tuesday which was an absolutely splendid day :-) The sun was out ALL day and not a drop of rain, the first time that has happened since I got here. I spent most of the day hanging out in Wimbledon Park, with practically everyone else in the area. There were ppl sunbaking in bikinis (so weird!) and hot boys kicking a ball around with no shirts on (lol London is great!). Apparently this good weather is meant to last the rest of the week, and then in 3 weeks a heatwave is meant to hit! Cant wait!

Yesterday I went to Hyde Park with Sophie. We had lunch in the park like true Londoners, then went floating down the Serpentine on a paddle boat like true tourists! It was so much fun! Um...a bit too much exercise paddling the boat...but nice and relaxing when we just stopped and floated.
Then we went for a wonder around the park on a squirrel hunt. They are the cutest things ever! They just run around everywhere, even in the trees outside my flat. Its great! We found this old man who was just feeding them and had them all around him. So I was taking photos of that.... and then well it turns out that I'm a lil afraid of squirrels! I had no idea! I was just taking photos of them, and then one started running towards me and I freaked out and squealed and ran away! I felt really bad, I scared all the squirrels away for the poor man.

The squirrel man
Sophie feeding squirrel

Saturday, July 28, 2007


As internet cafes are quite the expense here in London, I spent yesterday joining a few libraries and community centre's so I now have free access to the internet. Its a bit annoying having to leave the house just to use it, but hopefully when I get my own room it will have internet access.

I have moved into my new place this week, but its only temporary. For 5 weeks till Lou (the girl who's room it is) comes back from holidays. There are 4 other girls who are aussies and a kiwi guy there. They're all really laid back so its a pretty good place to be. Plus there are are a stack of old school vids to watch, so when the lazy mood takes hold I'm set!

So, I havent really started looking for a job yet. I'm really loving doing nothing, but I will start to look seriously next week. It should be pretty easy, apparently temps are in demand and the pay is good!

Malta was really good last weekend. We had a few dramas getting there cos of the floods on Friday. Add to that road works and being the last day of school and the roads were CHAOS! So we ended up missing our flights, and had to book new ones at a completely different airport. We didnt end up getting to our hotel in Malta until 4.30am, we were meant to be there at 9pm! Oh well, it was great once we got there.

The weather was great, 38 degrees everyday and the beaches were beautiful. It kinda reminded me a bit of the Phils cos there was karaoke everywhere, and the ppl were a little bit crazy!

But then back to London and the stupid weather. It really is 4 seasons in a day here. It will be really sunny and hot one minute. You get on the train then off and it will be pouring! You can't leave home without an umbrella.

I haven't really done much sightseeing this week, its mostly been exploring the Southfields/Wimbledon are (where I am at the moment). I did have my first Redback and Walkabout experience though! Was at the Reddy last week, and its crazy! I think i'm going again tonight, and being a saturday will be even crazier. Plus Ally's working so free drinks, yay! The walkabout was a bit of a letdown. Its an aussie theme pub which is meant to be really good, I must say I was disappointed. Although the fact that I went on a wed night, and in Wimbledon (a million miles from anywhere!) probably had something to do with it!

Anyways, I'm off to explore the Saturday markets now. Portobello Road here I come!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, I'm here, it's so crazy! I cant believe I'm actually in London, I've been here 3 days now and it STILL hasnt hit me. I havent really done much since I've been here. I did the sightseeing thing on Monday while extremely jetlagged. I couldnt check in till 2 so Chris took me around to see westminster abbey, big ben, the london eye. Then we went window shopping for awhile, I was so tired though I couldnt even get excited about Topshop! Its serioulsly like Sportsgirl on steroids... its got everything! The hostel isnt too bad... still alive and not chopped up so thats always good. Yesterday the girls were all at work so i was on my own, but it was good. I've got the tube down pat now! And today...well I've hit a bit of a hump the jet lag has caught up with me, its 1pm and I havent left the hostel! But I'm planning on going to Harrods soon. If it ever stops raining! The weather is crazy! Its not as cold as I thought it would be at all, but it honestly can be pissing down one second and the next sunny as. And its really humid all the time, who'da thunk it??
I had dinner with the girls on monday and tue night, it was really great catching up with them! I've really missed Ally stories, they're the best! I can't believe she leaves soon though, it sux! We're going to watch Harry Potter tonight, so excited! My first overseas cinema experience :-)
Well, I'm not sure if this blog really makes much sense, cos although I've had plenty opportunity to sleep I havent actually been able to, the sun is crazy here, sets at 10pm rises at 4 am! Not happy! Plus there are these crazy italian kids running round the place, they're so friggin loud and rude!
Anyway, the sun's come out now, so off to Harrods!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Countdown Is On

I can not believe there is less than 2 weeks before I fly out. 12 sleeps to be exact. Looking back the time really hasn't flown by, it seems forever ago that I started planning this and so much has happened since, but I just know that the next 11 days are going to go so quickly it freaks me out just thinking about it. I'm such a mixture of emotions at the moment... excitement, nervousness, happiness, sadness... they're all conflicting so much that I don't actually know what I'm feeling.

My last week at work was last week, and despite the stress and annoyance of training a new person who just didn't want to be trained it was a great week. Everyone was SO wonderful and sweet I just wanted to stay forever. It's a comfort zone and I liked it. It's so weird to think that I'm leaving it, perhaps forever. And even if I do go back next year, things will never be the same again. I get an overwhelming sense of sadness when I think that, yeah it was quite shithouse at times but the ppl made it so worth it! Lil that means u :-) And I hate the fact that if things can't go back to the way they were then I've only got myself to blame. Even though I'm a great adapter I still hate change, even when I know its the best for me, and it's something that I really wanna do. I want to live in London, I want to travel the world, but I wanna do it in my comfort zone. Not gonna happen I know! Anyhoo, like I was saying the great week just made it hit home how much I was actually leaving behind.

But I'm sure I will get over it! In 12 days I will be leaving on a plane, and then who knows what awaits! Well, I kinda do for the first week at least... Hostel life for a few days (and know I haven't seen the movie, so kindly keep those stories to yourself), then Malta with Chris for a long weekend! Then back to her place to doss. I'm such an emotional mess at the moment, the past 2 weeks here have made me realise how many ppl here care which I guess is why I'm feeling so reluctant to leave. But then Chris is taking a day off to meet me at the airport, and then Al is taking another day off to spend with me, which just makes me feel loved all over again!

Wow, long post. So I'm just gonna end it by saying that as much as I am looking forward to Malta (the sun, the sand, and more sun!) I can not wait to get back to London afterwards, so that I can sit back and read the last ever Harry Potter book.... *tear*.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Farewell Gertie - We had some good times...

I'm feeling incredibly sad right now. Its so unexpected, I hadn't realised how attached to an object I could become. This morning someone bought my car. My beautiful, reliable, gives-me-my-freedom car. I had thought that once I sold her, my impending trip would seem much more real. But instead all I can feel is a sense of loss. Like a beloved pet has died. It doesn't feel like I am one more step closer to what I am told is the trip of a lifetime. I really miss my car :-( I can't even imagine right now how much I will miss friends and family once I'm gone!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Visa Valid

Wow, I'm impressed!

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that last week I was applying for my Visa. Well, last Friday Tash and I made the trek to our nation's capital. And it was a trek. A journey that should not have taken us longer than 3 hours (according to took us 5! Yes, you read correctly. Turns out the Hume Highway (which we were on) and the Federal Highway (which we should have been on) are 2 different roads. Who'da thunk it! In our defence, the directions I'd printed off were not very clear, and it was very foggy, so we didn't see any of the signs which we'd missed (apparently there were signs) till it was too late. So an hour after we'd obliviously driven past the exit we were meant to take, we chucked an (illegal) u-turn and headed off in the right direction. Once in Canberra, the airport was quite easy to find. Luckily! The visa application went off without a hitch, apart from the fact that the lady wouldn't let me use my good photo. Apparently smiling is no longer acceptable, bared teeth is not allowed. So my serial killer photo was used. Not happy.

Well, that was Friday. Today is Tuesday, and here comes the impressive part. My Visa endorsed passport was sent back and received today! How good is that? A 2 day turn around time is awesome! Yay BHC!

So now that everything is all official like, I must get off my ass and start organising essentials. I bought a 1st Contact kickstart package today, which sets up my UK bank account and Sim card which I'll collect once I get to London. Tomorrow, I must write up a list of everything that still needs to be done, but for now it is bed time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Getting Antsy...

The countdown is on! 53 days and counting.
Yes, 53 days may sound a lot but lets break it down a bit...
53 days is only 7 weeks and 4 days (really not much considering I haven't applied for my Visa yet!!)
I only have 26 more days of work, including today. This is taking into account my trip to Canberra and the Queens bday (god bless her!). Well, really when you think about it, its only 25, because my last day will be a right off. Or 24, because todays nearly half over so I shouldnt count it! See, not long to go at all!
I've got gran's birth certificate (well its at the post office waiting for me to pick it up!) so I'm all set for my Visa expedition next friday. Thats gonna be a fun lil road trip!
Also, in a last ditch effort to save some much needed $$, I am back at mums. Oh the joy :-) Nah, I dont really mind, but its just harding adjusting back to all the questions, the constant nagging etc. PLUS the "Oh im going to miss you"s and the "I cant believe your doing this" speeches I've been getting. Oh well, she means well, and I know I will prob miss the annoying things in a few months!
Not much has really been planned once I do get to London. I have a couple of weeks accom booked, hopefully that is enough time to find somewhere more permanent, although from what I've been hearing perhaps not! Christina wants to go somewhere as well, we were thinking Malta but now she's thrown out Ibiza. Which would be good to say that I've been there, but its not really a 'me' place I dont think. But we'll see I guess.

In case you missed it.... 53 days to go!!!